Sprinkler Installation

Otis Certified Sprinkler Installation Services Vancouver

Otis Fire Protection company provides installation and replacement of fire sprinkler systems. We provide service for:

  • Dry sprinkler systems.
  • Wet sprinkler systems.
  • Deluge sprinkler systems.
  • Pre-action sprinkler systems.

Our experience and licensed sprinkler fitters install and repair sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 13 and B.C. Building Code. Some of installation and repair services we provide as follows:

  • Automatic sprinkler system installation.
  • Replacement of dry sprinkler valve.
  • ULC approved air compressors.
  • Tenant improvement of existing sprinkler systems.
  • Sprinkler head additions.
  • Replacement of sprinkler heads.
  • And any other repairs.

Sprinkler Installation

We offer installation and repairs services by Red Seal sprinkler fitters with trade qualification. All of our work complies with the requirements of national and local codes.


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