Smoke Alarm Inspection

Fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire detectors are most of the time refer to smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are independent devices that are generally used in residential dwellings. Smoke alarms (also known as fire alarm, smoke detector, fire detector) are self-contained and independent mechanisms, which come as a single unit. These devices can be interconnected to other smoke alarms either by hard wire or wirelessly. Keep in mind; they have to be the same brand to be interconnected.

Inspection of smoke alarms in Vancouver is essential. NFPA 72 states installation and inspection requirements of smoke alarms. They should be inspected annually by a certified technician. A monthly inspection could be done by homeowners for ensuring working condition of smoke alarms.

Annual Smoke Alarm, Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector Testing and Inspection in Vancouver
Otis Fire Protection provides smoke alarm inspection service as per NFPA 72 to ensure the proper working condition of your devices. What do we exactly do when we inspect smoke detectors? The following is the procedure.

  • ┬áThe smoke alarm is securely installed to the ceiling.
  • ┬áChecking smoke alarm for any physical damage.
    • Any paint on the device
    • Checking for grease (very common in kitchen areas)
    • Dirt or dust accumulations.
  • Operation indicating light is working
  • Checking the expiry date of the smoke alarm
  • Spraying smoke to the unit to simulate a fire condition.
  • If there are other interconnected smoke alarms, making sure all of them gets activated as well.
  • If approved by the customer, replacement of the battery.
  • Filling up a report.

Please contact us for more details on smoke alarms, smoke detector, and fire alarms inspection and installation.

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