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Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning Vancouver

Otis Fire “Commercial Kitchen” division specializes in kitchen exhaust system inspection and cleaning (also known as hood cleaning, vent cleaning). Kitchen exhaust system cleaning is quite crucial in fire protection. Regular cleaning of these systems is essential to keep them clean. Uncleaned kitchen exhaust systems ultimately develop grease which results in a fire hazard.

Inspection of kitchen exhaust systems is required by NFPA 96. Subsection 11.4 states that these systems shall be inspected for grease build up. Otis Fire Protection has ASTTBC certified and experienced technicians who will inspect and clean your kitchen exhaust system as per NFPA 96 and B.C. Fire Code.

Below is the inspection frequency for commercial kitchen exhaust system inspection.


Type or Volume of Cooking Example Inspection Frequency
Solid Fuel Cooking   Restaurants that use wood or charcoal as a heat source. Monthly
High-Volume Cooking.   24 Hour cooking facilities Quarterly
Moderate-Volume Cooking Restaurants Semi-Annually
Low Volume Cooking Churches, seasonal businesses etc. Annually


NFPA 96 – 11.4

Otis Fire Inspectors will inspect your system and determine if you need hood cleaning. We will use depth gauge comb to determine the grease depth. If it is more than 2000 μm (0.078”), the system will be cleaned according to NFPA 11.6.1. Required depth for cleaning in a fan housing is 3175 μm (0.125”). We use the best quality chemicals to clean your hood, fan, duct and vent.   


Why choose Otis Fire Protection for you hood cleaning?

Otis Fire has fully ASTTBC certified technicians who can perform inspection and cleaning of your kitchen hood system as well as semi-annual inspection of your suppression systems, fire extinguisher, emergency lights etc. We will complete all your needs in a single visit, which will save you providing access to multiple visits for all these services.


Otis Fire technicians provide professional cleaning and inspection of commercial kitchen systems throughout the Lower Mainland including:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Food Processing Facilities

Contact us to book for a service.


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