Fire Alarm System Installation

Otis Certified Fire Alarm System Installation Services Vancouver

Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire alarm systems are life safety systems providing timely warning of a fire. These systems not only save lives, they also provide protection to your building by alerting you and authorities in an early stage of a fire. Because these systems are crucial life safety systems, they have to be installed by certified and experienced electricians. Otis Fire Protection Inc. has experienced electricians, who have been installing fire alarms throughout Greater Vancouver for many years.

We will ensure installation of your fire alarm system complies with NFPA and B.C. Building Code. Otis Fire Protection will not only install a system, we will also handle city permit, verification and city inspection.


Replacement of Existing Fire Alarm System

Sometimes fire alarm panels cannot be reparable and will need replacement. It is important to have a reliable and honest fire protection company for your fire alarm replacement. Otis Fire Protection ensures that new installation will meet NFPA and local requirements. We will handle electrical permit (the City of Vancouver requires building and electrical permits for fire alarm replacement), verification and city inspection of your new panel.

Verification of a fire alarm system has to be performed by a 3rd party fire protection company.


Why choose Otis Fire Protection Inc.

Customers choose us for installation and replacement of fire alarm systems for the following reasons:

  • Expertise and countless experience in fire alarm system installation.
  • We take care of all the requirements for system installation.
  • We will be honest with you and will never recommend you a system that is unnecessary and cost extra.
  • Because we know what we do, we will not incur extra cost to our customers.

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