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Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems are necessary to protect your lives and property from devastating fires. These systems are designed to detect fires in early stage and alert thus allows occupants to evacuate safely. Because it detects fire in the beginning stage, emergency personnel can have enough time to put out the fire before it causes significant damage to property and threatening life of occupants. Otis Fire Protection Inc., with ASTTBC certified and experienced inspectors, will ensure functionality of your fire alarm system.

The most common types of fire alarm systems are; conventional and intelligent (addressable) systems. No matter what kind of systems you have, Otis Fire Protection will provide thorough inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and other cities throughout Greater Vancouver.

Your fire alarm system has input and output. The following are standard inputs:

  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Beam detectors

The following are typical outputs:

  • Strobes
  • Horn strobes
  • Bells

Please contact us to request free annual fire inspection estimate for your fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing Services Vancouver

NFPA 72, ULC S536, B.C. Fire Code and Vancouver Bylaws require monthly, semi-annual and annual inspection of fire alarm systems. Please see NFPA 72: 14.3.1 and NFPA 72: for more information. Otis Fire Protection company will perform a thorough inspection of your system. Our inspection includes the following but not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm Control Box

    Overall system check including testing of every individual fire alarm devices such as manual pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, pressure switches, tamper switches, etc.

  • End of line resistors.
  • Signaling devices such as bells, strobes etc.
  • Operations of any remote annunciators.
  • Fire Alarm Battery- measuring the performance of the batteries.
  • Digital alarm communicator transmitter (DACT)¬†which¬†sends a message to a centralized location, ensuring monitoring station receives trouble and alarm signals.
  • Trouble signs.
  • Emergency phones.
  • In-Suite testing including non-fire alarm device such as smoke alarms.

Our Fire Alarm Inspectors are ASTTBC certified and highly experienced to provide you thorough inspection in Greater Vancouver Area. The followings are the types of property we service:

  • Residential Buildings both low and high-rises
  • Schools
  • Remote Mining Camps
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Buildings

After performing inspection and testing, we will provide a comprehensive report. One copy will be left in the fire alarm control panel and another copy will be sent to the building owner.

Contact us to book your annual fire alarm inspection and testing.


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