Emergency Lighting Installation

Otis Certified Emergency Lighting Installation Services Vancouver

Emergency lighting installation

Emergency lighting systems and exit signs installation require knowledge and understanding of NFPA 101, B.C. Building and Electrical Code. Otis Fire Protection company has engineers and fire protection technicians, who will determine your building requirements for emergency lighting systems and exit signs. It is crucial to provide lighting for a safe evacuation of building occupants in case of emergency. Our ASTTBC certified technicians will determine location & position of a system with sufficient level of illumination to provide lighting throughout evacuation routes.

Otis Fire Protection company consist of certified and experienced technicians in electrical installation of fire protection systems.

  • Commercial buildings
  • High-rise and any other residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Schools and daycares
  • Mine camps

We assure you that your emergency lighting systems & exit signs will be installed certified electricians and inspected by ASTTBC certified technicians to confirm installation complies with NFPA 101, B.C. Building and Electrical Code.

Otis Fire Protection Inc. is one of the most reliable fire safety & protection companies in Greater Vancouver. If you need improvement for your existing emergency lighting system, please contact us to handle all the work needed to be done. We will work with the local fire department and comply your building with their requirements.

Contact Otis Fire Protection Inc., one of the most reliable fire protection company in Vancouver, for a free estimate.

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